Angel / DeLundon

Genre: Alternative, Rap/Hip-Hop
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Angel and DeLundon go way back, friends since their days in high school. At that time, at age 16, DELUNDON started his own label and began recording and producing. Atlantic Records recognized his skills and courted him heavily, though a deal never materialized. ANGEL is a classically trained musician whose composition studies led her to producing and recording at her own home studio. She fused her love of Hip-Hop with her composing and began rapping to original beats.

The longtime friends combined their talents in 2012, forming their own label, Angelbeatz/Delu3.0. The label's first release was their own Bakers Street (available on iTunes, Amazon). As a Hip-Hop duo, Angel/DeLundon challenge their listeners. Their dark lyrical themes sometimes step into the perverse and their incorporation of varied time signatures breaks the musical mold of most radio-friendly Hip-Hop artists.

Angel/DeLundon followed up Bakers Street with the release of a video for "Can't Stay Away," produced by up-and-coming Chicago director Alvin Elmore. The video's vivid close-ups and lack of a silly MTV-like plotline puts the focus directly on Angel and DeLundon. As with their music, the video is richly colorful and stark in its honesty.

Evidenced by their music, Angel/DeLundon present themselves as they are. Their artistry doesn't shy away from tabu topics, nor does it pander to what might be more likely to earn a mainstream dollar. Angel/DeLundon write, perform, record, and produce music straight from the soul.

"Can't Stay Away"

Posted on 3/11/13