Angry Toons

Genre: Punk, Rock
Hometown: Oakland, CA

The Angry Toons are a Genre-Defying Cartoon Metal band from Oakland, California. Consisting of current and former members of avant-garde metal veterans Wonderland Syndrome, and seasoned talent from the Bay Area Thrash scene, The Angry Toons present a unique blend of classic West Coast Thrash with a tendency to explore every available part of the music spectrum. Incredible musicianship, explosive live performances, and a truly unique sound make The Angry Toons a band that promises to leave a lasting impression on the avant-garde metal scene.

After releasing 13 studio albums and touring all over North America, bass virtuoso Anth0s and long-time guitarist Cap'n Morgan started this new chapter in their journey of musical discovery. Enlisting local legend Eagorr on drums, the trio began writing the initial songs that would become the beginnings of their next album. Always looking to explore the next stop in the endless realm of sound, the three enlisted the distinctive vocal talents of local artist and puppeteer, Scampi, and The Angry Toons were born.

Working with legendary artist K3N Adams (known for his work with Lamb Of God, Slayer, Black Dahlia Murder, and countless other bands) The Angry Toons have crafted a one-of-kind experience. From the unique aesthetic of the band, to the unorthodox stories that each track tells, to the circus side show energy of their live shows, the band is truly a force to be reckoned with. The Angry Toons' debut album, Toonomicon, releases 6/6 on all platforms.

Posted on 6/1/23