Ark Spear

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Hometown: Northumberland, UK

Ark Spear are a 5 piece metal band based in Northumberland, United Kingdom that was formed in June 2023. We’ve all played together before in previous iterations of work and different styles but we’ve come together to make something unique. Over the years, we have all written different lyrics in our spare time and had music ideas that never got implemented.

We’ve recently released our debut album Introduction to Destruction with ten tracks on the album with a further single to be released on 30th June 2024. We’re still continuing to write music in our spare time and in an ideal world will have an album written before the end of the year. Our music delivers an electrifying fusion of relentless riffs and thunderous drums, driving an unyielding pace then switching up for more grooved filled riffs that keeps the adrenaline pumping. With ferocious vocals and breakdowns aplenty, we create an intense sound that will ensure your head never stops banging.

Posted on 6/8/24