Art Napoleon (Victoria, BC)
Art Napoleon, a bushman from the boreal foothills of Northern BC, can still skin a moose with a pocket knife but he is known more as an underground troubadour whose words and music bridge cultures. He is an extremely versatile bilingual singer/songwriter armed with a wicked sense of humor and an uncanny ability to improvise and engage audiences of all ages. A born entertainer, he can embody both trickster and shaman to cast a spell on the gathered.

Raised by Cree-speaking grandparents in the remote northern woodlands, it's probably a good thing that Napoleon turned from hunting and gathering to crafting songs with clever, thoughtful lyrics. Whether he is telling a story or singing about a life of intriguing and mystical experiences and characters, he manages to be both irreverent and deeply spiritual.

Napoleon has been featured on many radio and TV programs including Zed TV, Dead Dog Comedy, CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, CBC Roundup, Cree for Kids, Beyond Words, All Points West, Rez Blues and is also host of CHUM TV's The New Canoe. His previous indie recordings have been nominated for numerous music awards including the WCMAs, Canadian Folk Awards, the NAMMIES and the CAMAs. Art's latest CD, Siskabush Tales, delves into the alt-country fold and is receiving rave reviews across Canada. His moose-nose stew has also been known to heal broken hearts and encourage compassion for the culturally deprived.

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Posted on 5/17/09