Baby Got Bacteria

Genre: Punk
Hometown: Austin, TX

Baby Got Bacteria were formed on the roof of the Caucus Club during Twitchell’s wedding reception. Sal M and Primary V were kicking back some horse doovers and decided that the time was ripe for building the perfect musical weapon of mass kickassness. They quickly enlisted the drummer and started woodshedding, After 4 weeks and 13 songs they brought Suzannadannah, Katwood and Evilkinz in to round out the sextet. Their debut gig was on August 1st, 2008 at the historic Hole in the Wall, and they have since delighted crowds at Lovejoys, Creekside and the Hole with their infectious grooves and blatant manners. They have played with Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re (from Japan), the West Coast Pinups, Peel, Blackholicus, and the Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing group, and have just finished their first demo recordings with Peter Stopschinski of Brown Whornet/Golden Hornet fame.

Posted on 2/21/10