Bombyx Mori

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Hometown: Pernate, Italy

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, restrictions made it difficult, if not almost impossible, to continue performing live or even meet to create music. So, I decided to develop the 11 songs I had written with musicians from all over the globe.

I started from scratch, beginning with the band's name: Bombyx Mori, which is nothing but the scientific name for the silkworm, chosen after discovering that these creatures have been exploited by humans for industrial purposes for so long that they no longer exist in nature and have even undergone profound changes in appearance and behaviour (now they are white instead of the "natural" dark brown, and they could not survive freely as they are too easily detectable by predators; furthermore, the larvae are no longer able to procure food for themselves and must therefore be artificially fed). It immediately seemed to me to be a fitting metaphor for the society and the world we live in.

Despite the obvious difficulties of a music production carried out solely via the web, the album Chaotic Resonance that resulted from this "global" collaboration turned out to be extremely unconventional and refreshing to listen to, ranging across different genres and managing to be as heterogeneous as the cultural, social, religious, and musical backgrounds of those involved across 10+ countries around the globe.

The presence of musicians from all continents and the use of unconventional instruments in the metal scene led to the intertwining of rhythmic patterns derived from the most disparate musical genres, which, combined with modern sounds and socially-oriented lyrics, contributed to shaping the band's trademark.

Posted on 5/21/24