Bonnie Bishop

Genre: Country/Americana
Hometown: Houston, TX

Bonnie Bishop is a singer and a Texan…and, yes, all that insinuates. Brassy, original, soulful, with a whole lot of attitude, her music and her personality are one in the same. But your stereotypical chick singer she is NOT. She sings with the confidence of a woman who understands that the power of her voice lies in her ability to make the audience want more, not want less. She wails effortlessly and with style, free from the shrillness of a woman who is straining to find her notes in the stratosphere, and then just as easily, she swoops down into the depths of her range with a softness that is rich and full of emotion.

“Her voice can be a tornado through your trailer park or a warm summer breeze across your skin.” - Walt Wilkins

“Bonnie reminds me of Marianne Faithful…before she was ravaged by heroin and time.” - Ray Wylie Hubbard

Posted on 5/16/12