Brennen Leigh

Genre: Country/Americana
Hometown: Nashville, TN

If what passes for country music these days gives you a headache, Brennen Leigh has the remedy.” So wrote the Austin Chronicle in a review of the talented singer-songwriter’s latest album The Box. She mixes the traditional sounds of country and bluegrass effortlessly and with deep admiration, yet manages to remain contemporary with subject matter that is both fascinating and universal.

Born in Fargo, North Dakota, Leigh lived in Moorhead, Minnesota where she began performing with her brother Seth Hulbert. In 2002, she decided to give Austin a try. A dependable mandolin player with a clear, voice, Leigh won over such influential Texas country artists as Dale Watson, who asked her to join him on stage, and Jesse Dayton, who she met at a festival in France. They, in turn, introduced her to a broad range of country music fans and like-minded musicians.

Photo by Kaitlyn Raitz