Cadosia Street

Genre: Folk, Indie
Hometown: Cadosia, NY

So, a certain Scotty-dog was reaching a milestone birthday, and his beloved decided to invite his friends to cut a record in Southwestern New York. Near the banks of the Delaware River they came, and over 9 days they played, wrote, laughed and loved until the time came to return to the other things claiming their time and energy. But they did something there, something amazing, something that was caught and can be found in these songs. There is some real gold in the songs written, shared and recorded during that magical time.

Cadosia Street is: Juliana Carr Lombardo; Paul Lombardo; Randy Crafton; Stefan Ilie; Jim Cash; Ashley Cash; Wil Hylton; Charles Hylton; Sam Schuman; Scott E. Moore; Paul Madigan; Edward Scott Michael; Amy Crafton; Markus Hauck; Wendy Bartel; Lynn Gardner; Leon Dunkley; Zuri, Ghana and Adanna Hylton.

Posted on 5/2/24