Charlie Leavy

Genre: Folk
Hometown: Leeds, UK

Oxfordshire based singer/songwriter and still only 17, Charlie Leavy's set generally includes an eclectic mix of upbeat pop songs tinged with the odd personal influence of blues, country and folk & maybe the odd original/cover in Korean, Japanese or Spanish. She is aiming for 52 gigs in 2014.

Tom Robinson, of BBC 6 Music, says of Charlie, "Out there in Streaming Land there are naturally gifted singers and then there are the rest of us, and you can tell within seconds that Charlie Leavy belongs effortlessly in the first category. In the coming years she’ll be able to pick pretty much any direction she wants to and, with enough hard work, make a success of it."

Art Lagun, Nightshift, praises, "True to form the first act tonight proves to be the most interesting. Charlie Leavy makes a big impact with just her voice and an acoustic guitar, sounding more California than her native Hook Norton. Relentlessly upbeat, one great song follows another, catchy tunes with straightforward yet personal lyrics like the poignant "Tongue Tied." Only 17, she writes and performs with frank simplicity that comes as a breath of vitalising air, her take on Pixie Lott’s "Mama Do" trouncing the original."

Posted on 8/9/14