Chasing After Alice

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Austin, TX

With a melodic, intense, hard rock sound, and the transcendent vocals of their unparalleled female lead singer, Chasing After Alice released their first EP, Down the Rabbit Hole, in 2015 and are poised to become one of the industry's most unique and talented new bands. Having the advantage of all the members growing up in Austin, with it's immense music scene and diversity, allowed the band to produce a distinctive sound which roots itself in Rock/Metal, but goes far beyond by merging unexpected elements from a variety of musical subgenres.

Rachel Thompson (Lead Singer), Justin Beamon (Drums), & Dustin Belanger (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), founding members of Chasing After Alice, are long time friends who were united early on by their passion and dedication to music. More recently, the band has grown in size and sound with their newest members, Zach Gunn (Bass Guitar) and Carson Carter (Lead/Rhythm Guitar). "We work well together because we care about and have respect for one another. It allows us to leave the egos behind and gives us the ability to focus and collaborate on what's most important...our MUSIC," said newest band member, Carson Carter. It's uncommon to find a band with such talent that their music is just as good, if not better, when performed live...Chasing After Alice is one of those rare bands whose musical talent and high energy live performance will never disappoint!

Since their time off from live performances to finish their new EP, Chasing After Alice's members all agree that they're extremely fired up about playing in front of live audiences again, saying; "Playing live gives us a direct connection with our audience and we love to feel the positive energy coming from them!" They welcome you to check out and download their newest EP, connect with them directly through any of their social media sites, or join their mailing list for the newest shows and updates.

Posted on 12/27/16