David Cloyd

Genre: Indie
Hometown: Buffalo, NY

David Cloyd, one of the exciting new artists on the Engine Company Records roster, steps onto the national stage with his debut album, Unhand Me, You Fiend!. A performance major and multi-instrumentalist, David Cloyd had already established himself as a staple in New York City's indie-rock scene. But in early 2008, David Cloyd's musical future looked, at best, uncertain. His band had broken up, and the options in front of him were far from ideal. So, he sat down on the floor of his 9-foot by 9-foot home studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, to assess his resources, and the situation. He had a personal computer he had built by hand. He had two reference monitors he had bought on sale, and one $130 Japanese condenser microphone. He had one acoustic guitar, one electric guitar, a Mexican bass guitar, a keyboard with some broken keys, two amplifiers (one borrowed), and one drum machine. He had no money for studio time or more recording gear. What he did have was a wealth of songs and no one but himself to play them.

David is also an ECR Music Group recording artist and Executive Vice President of Creative Operations.

"Dear Boy"

Posted on 12/10/08