Genre: R&B, Rock
Hometown: Chicago, IL

It's in her name: Destined911. Her musical career is something that she's seen laid out before her since childhood. In a way it's been a sense of destiny because there is no other dream to be dreamt. But at the same time, nothing is given to us. So every day must also have a sense of urgency to it. A little bit of luck, good fortune and opportunity, when met with preparation, dedication, and persistence is going to take you a long way.

And that's where we find Destined911 in 2023. Today she's still riding the wave of the intensity and passion of her 2021 single "Wild," a hard and heavy anthem that pours bits of Rihanna and Wicked Wisdom into an intense musical potion. She's also on the brink of releasing her latest single "1999," produced by the infamous Joe Capo, which heads in the exact opposite direction. Ditching the distorted guitars and hard rock drums of "Wild," "1999" is more of classic R&B ballad in the sensual tradition of a Jodeci or Keith Sweat. Look for "1999" to drop on May 1, 2023 on Destined911's Spotify and all major music platforms.

But no hero or heroine's story is told without the backstory. Destined911's begins in her childhood, singing at home, in choir, taking voice lessons and learning to read music. At school dances she wasn't the wallflower--you could find her on the stage, already beginning to steal the show the way a talented artist is destined to do. And when her time had to turn away from the arts, her hours spent working at a fast food restaurant resulted in her being able to record at Juan Blair’s legendary Ugly Fingers Studio in Oakland.

It was when her family moved from California to Chicago that preparation met with good fortune. Crossing paths with bassist/trombonist Louis Satterfield of Earth Wind & Fire fame raised the bar for her, artistically speaking. Satterfield became a mentor and introduced her to a new vocal coach, the acclaimed and legend-in-her-own-right, Sue Conway. 

Preparing for the release of "1999," Destined911 has assembled her own all-star supporting cast. Her manager is Fabian James, CEO of DDS Management and President of TeamJohnHill Corporation. And financial backing is coming from Destined911's own role as a Forex Market Investor (being multi-talented isn't limited solely to artistic pursuits), serving as the Vice President of Super Income Class LLC, and investment firm CEO'd by MoDeezol.

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Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 4/13/23