Mr. P Chill
Mr. P Chill
Mr. P Chill (Sacramento, CA)

WHO is Mr. P Chill?

Mr. P Chill is a solo emcee, songwriter and producer that has independently released 9 albums, performed hundreds of concerts, and fronts his live backing funk/soul band, Trunk of Funk.

WHAT is Mr. P Chill?

For over 20 years, the evolution of the rapper known as Mr. P Chill has had one constant: an almost perverse obsession with the art of emceeing and a profound embrace of “real hip hop.”

To define what Mr. Chill is today starts with eliminating what Mr. P Chill is not—which is best described as a rapper that fervently rejects contemporary trends for weak rhymes set to commercial beats.

There’s no delusion of grandeur with Mr. P Chill. There’s no bling. There’s no gangsta posturing. There’s just the man that fell in love with rap during its “golden age” when it was about “two turntables and a microphone,” and maybe a well-worn pair of Adidas sneakers.

However, Mr. P Chill is not stuck in a time warp. Just as comfortable in a traditional setting with a DJ as he is with a full instrumental band that adds new textures to his music, Mr. P Chill is simply an ambassador of real hip-hop music.

Mr. P Chill is based in Sacramento, California, where he has anchored a thriving underground scene that has garnered him 6 nominations for the city’s highest honor, the Sacramento News & Review’s SAMMIES Award for Outstanding Emcee.

A frequent guest of stages throughout the Western region— from the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Mountains, Mr. P Chill has more recently enjoyed several successful national tours that brought him musical hotspots in New York City, Nashville, Memphis and many points in between.

WHY is Mr. P Chill?

Mr. P Chill exists because hip-hop compels him.
His lyrics focus on issues that matter and can’t be ignored.
Mr. P Chill thrives because his audiences truly relate to him and his unpretentious passion for hip-hop.

WHEN is Mr. P Chill?

Since 1992, there has rarely been a day when Mr. P Chill is not doing something related to his hip-hop career. If he’s not performing onstage, he’s busy in the studio, promoting shows and albums, or booking tours.

A decade or so ago, Mr. P Chill mattered because he was good. Today, he matters because he is a link to hip-hop’s glorious past when the music was designed to move the crowds and feed their minds.

Posted on 4/11/14