Devin Messina

Genre: Pop, Soul/R&B
Hometown: Washington, DC

Devin Messina is a driven singer, forged from the same musical fires as Brandy or Monica. But sharing a soft, sweet voice is where the similarities end. Devin wrote her first song at age 12, and at a young age brought the challenges of her upbringing into her music. Her passion that fuels her career today has burned strong her entire life—Devin formed her first group at age 12 and another group during high school. But all of the choirs, National Anthem performances, and group performances have not been her end-game. Devin is slated to appear on the upcoming mixtape Live at the Stadium, which features top artists from around the DC area. That collaboration, along with Devin's dynamic live performance and deep connection to her audience from the stage, will make "Devin Messina" a known musical commodity along the East Coast.

Posted on 4/23/13