Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Duce is a rapper/creator from Charlotte, North Carolina who has more than a dozen releases to him name. His 14th effort “Smile After Doom” drops on January 31 and is released through CONTROL Entertainment, who also released Duce’s “Universal Benefits.” Find “Smile After Doom” at controlent.com.

Duce’s style is unique. While you can hear influences like Mos Def, Vektroid and James Blake, his sound combines those with his very own production style. “Smile After Doom” follows in the footsteps of his own previous releases “Radio [New Jack City Mix]” and “Cheap MP3 Music 1 + 2,” which fall somewhere between mixtapes and extended remixes—true artistic creations that separate themselves from the norm.

While Duce absolutely raps, his music falls closer to IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) in its style and arrangements. Play, relax, think, reflect, vibe. Envision an effects-laden glitch-hop template. Fits naturally on playlists alongside Shabazz Palaces, .clipping, death dynamic, shroud.wmv and JPEGMAFIA.

Duce channels style and influence of artists from across the entire VA rap scene. Far from mainstream, so far, but not for long. Dig deep into Duce’s back catalog at soundcloud.com/me_duce, but not until after you’ve experienced “Smile After Doom.”

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 1/30/21