Forever Town

Genre: Rock
Hometown: San Marcos, TX

Forever Town is electrifying anthem rock from San Marcos, TX. The righteous hard rock hooks and distinct vocals of front man Danny Ramsay, immediately bring to mind the sound of early Kiss, C.O.C., Danko Jones and Alice in Chains while retaining a heavily “down south” flavor and lyrical charm. The Austin American Statesman described the band's 2010 EP as, “…a hard rock home run... classic, fist pounding, modern rock gold. Danny Ramsay is a songwriting force to be reckoned with.” Rounding out the lineup, San Antonio bass hero Valentin Mora commands the low end while drummer, Jay Bones stomps out the relentless and almighty grooves. Tough enough for metal heads, yet soulful in it's classic-rock swagger, the band's new full length album, “Players and Dealers” was recorded at Austin’s famed Bubble Studios under the Midas touch of Grammy nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Jet, Toadies, Scorpion Child). With arena smashing tracks like “Platinum Girl,” “Soul Rebel Sinner” and “Hot On the Heels of What's Real,” Forever Town showcases itself as a here-and-now band built on the strongest cornerstones of classic hard rock.