Franciscan Honey

Genre: Indie, Rock
Hometown: Boston, MA

Garage rock straight from an actual Boston garage! Franciscan Honey is an instrumental concoction of Doors-with-heavy-synth, a dash of Santana and Stereolab with a heavy dose of krautrock/lounge staples Can and NEU!

Prism album art

"Prism Theme" from the upcoming release, Prism, could be the soundtrack for Tarantino's next big overdose scene--tension, multi-meter, psychedelic. A sound catered for a weekend-long hallucinogenic binge.

Multi-instrumentalist Paul Dunne writes all and records most of Franciscan Honey's tracks, including the upcoming release Prism. Coming through loud and clear are the Can and NEU! influences, as well as an affinity for the drone of a jam band echoing from the stage off the hills as you listen from your tent in the wee hours morning hours.

Posted on 8/3/22