Gary Louca

Genre: Electronic
Hometown: Portsmouth, UK

Hi All

As I have been asked for a fuller musical bio on myself, I have created a standard short bio.

Briefly I was in the music business from late 1989 till 2002 when I took a long break to go down another path in life with my close family.

I started off as a writer way back in 1989 pitching songs to major artists. But by 1992 I started creating my own pop dance brands and I released several records remember “Vinyl" signed to different record labels.

Several UK and European top ten artists covered some of my songs, before I took a break in 2002. For sure I had numerous TV appearances but I really preferred to be behind the scenes.

In 2002 I was at one time NO 1 & 2 at the same time in one of the UK dance charts.

I came back briefly for one song in 2012 which hit NO 1 in one of the USA dance charts.

After another break, I Launched my Deltiimo brand in 2017 for releasing pop dance songs.

Once again Deltiimo songs hit NO 1 on various dance charts around the world.

DJs''s around the world have downloaded and played or streamed various Deltiimo songs and remixes. It's many tens of millions of streams etc, I honestly don't know how many.

Along the way I have always had a passion for Film and TV and "The Spirit of Toronto" animated mini-series is my first full on production, which I am producing initially.

But as a musician / writer producing an animated series it's going to have the best soundtrack I can produce. To date I have brought in some of the best producers around to co-write with myself on individual songs from the animation soundtrack, which is incredibly diverse.

Whilst “The Spirit of Toronto” is not a musical my aim and passion is as well as producing the animated series, I want to be able to take viewers and listeners on a music adventure.

Don't forget audio is 50% of anything you watch on the big screen.

As well as mainly writing original new songs for "The Spirit of Toronto" soundtrack, my co-writers / producers and I have also gone through some of my back catalogue to see it any of my previous released songs would be suitable for scenes in my animation.

A few will be used and or remixed to suite the scenes.

There are some incredible vocal artists on “The Spirit of Toronto” sound track to include Operatic Duo Darren and Caroline Clarke "Trovatori", who are performing on "Memories" along with myself in English and Italian.

Kind Regards

Posted on 4/13/23