Gay Sportscasters

Genre: Punk
Hometown: Austin, TX

The Gay Sportscasters were formed way back in 1995. Singer Jeff Smith had the band name kicking around in his head for a number of years, his only real goal being to have some T-shirts bearing the band name with Howard Cossell holding a microphone that resembled a penis. His wildest dreams were exceeded as he found a number of co-conspirators (including longtime friend and songwriting partner "$3" Bill Wise, Evan Johns and Jeff Daniels).

The 7 piece "stuporgroup" played their first show at South By Southwest that year. The band received a glowing mention in Rolling Stone for that frenzied first performance and a number of shows followed but the band was all but done within a year, collapsing under the weight of its seven players personality conflicts and their own "fame." The band was resurrected in 2009 and regularly play around Texas to enthusiastic crowds with their dancing girls "The Lollygaggers."

"Derby Crush"

Posted on 3/30/12