Genre: Rock
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Back in the early seventies, a band was formed in San Antonio, Tx. that has since gone down in history as perhaps the greatest unsigned band to ever come from the State of Texas. Years of endless gigging, recording sessions, and ultimately ending after inner conflicts, changing musical landscapes and personal tragedies, Heyoka's music has remained lost to the ravages of time and has gained mythical status amongst the faithful and the serious collectors. Now, after more than 30 years since their original studio recordings, ShroomAngel Productions in partnership with Heyoka, have finally delivered the most eagerly anticipated CD in Texas music history! The original studio recordings taken from the master tapes and digitally remastered for superior audio fidelity and NEVER AVAILABLE BEFORE! Stunning. They had it all- musicianship (band featured two guitars, singer/flautist, bass, keyboards and drums)with chops, panache and great tone, superb compositions, multiple rhythmic changes and complex chord progressions, and above all they had tremendous SPIRIT. The music is very moving, and pays homage to the plight of Native Americans and sheds light on the many injustices done to them and to the common everyday person. A political, spiritual, deeply humanitarian work, this CD represents so many emotions, so much hard work and hopes and dreams, now finally soon to be available on CD.

Posted on 6/30/15