Honey and Hustle

Genre: Blues, Soul/R&B

Honey and Hustle is a powerhouse nine-piece ensemble that masterfully blends the soul-stirring elements of R&B with the gritty edge of blues rock. Led by the dynamic duo of founding member, songwriter, arranger, and guitarist Sam Kaufmann, and the electrifying lead vocalist Kat Snapp, the band crafts a sound that is both timeless and refreshingly innovative.

The lineup features a rich tapestry of professional talent, filling out their sound with keyboards, trumpet, saxophone, bass, drums, and live background singers contributing to the band’s signature style. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Steve Winwood, Tedeschi Trucks, and Amy Winehouse, Honey and Hustle delivers performances that are both deeply soulful and irresistibly energetic.

The band’s journey began in an unexpected place—a Los Angeles based Gypsy Jazz Band, where Sam and Kat first crossed paths. Their shared passion for good songwriting, vintage sounds and keeping an audience’s attention laid the foundation for what would become Honey and Hustle. A unique origin that adds a layer of depth and authenticity to their music, resonating with concertgoers on a profound plane.

Honey and Hustle is poised for a next level year with their new single “Only Blues for Me” releasing on July 11, 2024, and their full album “Soul Remedy” set to drop in March 2025. Their warm, familiar sound and strong live shows have already garnered attention and praise, including high accolades from Music Reviewer Evangeline West, who lauded “Honey and Hustle have hit the high mark… bringing a vintage sound to the new generation” and College Radio Charts said “…few bands manage to carve out a sound that feels both refreshingly innovative and timelessly classic. Honey and Hustle, effortlessly marries the heart-wrenching soul of R&B with the raw, unfiltered edge of blues rock.”

With a unique sound rooted in vintage origins, they continue to captivate fans with powerful performances and soulful tunes. Honey and Hustle is not just a band to watch—they are a band to experience.

Posted on 6/27/24