John Miller

Genre: Electronic
Hometown: Austin, TX

John has been a DJ/VJ for 9 nine years. He was given a box of of albums by his Theology professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York City and was hooked on records. After graduation he made a career shift to video editing, web design, and animation. He applied those skills to create an online and pirate FM radio station called brandnameradio, written up in The Austin Chronicle.

He has also competed in the Alamo Drafthouse Sounds Seen VJ contest for two years. Through brandnameradio John specifically promoted and played eccentric local Texas musicians of the non-singer-songwriter variety. Through this he developed relatioships with many musicians and over time decided he no longer wanted to be behind the music anymore but wanted to play the music. At the age of 33 he formed Laserz with Todd Holbrook and quickly forced himself to play music by throwing himself up on stage with no shame. Now Laserz is working on their fourth album and plays all over Texas. John can still be found DJing at several venues around Austin including Pinup Salon.

Posted on 2/13/12