jorm and the marvelous raindrops

Genre: Electronic, Indie
Hometown: Denver, CO

jorm and the marvelous raindrops hopes to bring a little lightness to a dark world thru a mix of incredibly grim lyricism and surprisingly cheerful noises. this may seem counterintuitive, but there's something endearingly disorienting about the juxtaposition of various styles, both of music and mood, that chaotically tumble and interchange throughout the music of JATM. jorm lives in a world where oxymorons such as "endearing disorientation" and "lighthearted, nihilistic fatalism" are a daily occurrence. jorm and the marvelous tend to float somewhere between indie folk and synth-pop, but the divergences are many, and varied, and often go quite deep, from thrash metal, to spoken word, to space ambient. this is an artist who revels in the joy of music and experimentation.

Posted on 5/2/24