KHZ (New York, NY)

The last we heard from kHz they were making the global rounds promoting "Reality On A Finer Scale and "Disconnected." The band went on to spend 14 weeks in the top 20 most requested song charts on SIRIUS radio's "OCTANE," while also garnering the band an AIM TV award for "Best Indie American Latino Band."

"Darkly atmospheric with boulder-heavy riffs-this band could get Bela Lugosi moshing" - Revolver Magazine

"kHz has a crunchy, machine-like, almost nine inch nails feel. For the alienated, pissed off, rebellious youth, we prescribe a daily dose of kHz." - Hit Parader Magazine

kHz's music also appeared in several films including Return Of The Living Dead and Drive-Thru, in addition to being a featured band on Dave Navarro's radio and TV shows "Spread Entertainment." Between live performances, kHz guitarist / producer, Pull, produces & remixes releases from major artists including Shinedown, Skillet, Mick Jagger, Rob Thomas, LiL Kim, Diddy and Jewel, among others.

Posted on 1/15/00