Kurt Lammers

Genre: Electronic
Hometown: Austin, TX

Kurt Lammers is a musician, audio engineer, and performer based in Austin, TX. Growing up in Dallas, he got his start performing at rock clubs while still playing in the symphony and drumline in high school.

After moving to Los Angeles to tour and record with a couple projects, he found himself returning to TX in the great music city of Austin where he’s been fortunate to record and perform with bands like The Eastern Sea, Shane Smith & the Saints, The Hi-Tones, and Sedona Skies. As well as help build, La Murga De Austin; the supporters band of Austin FC.

With the release of 'Modern Humans', Kurt is expanding his producing skills to his own music to create a fun, upbeat, electronic experience to encompass his love for synthesizers, sampling and modern dance music.

Posted on 8/8/22