Genre: Electronic, Punk
Hometown: Austin, TX

Laserz is not for the weak-minded person searching for emo-screamo and/or beach style acoustic sounds. It is for people who grew up on Butthole Surfers, Devo, Beck, The Pixies, Modest Mouse, latchkey kids, too much sugar, skateboarding, school behavior problems, and hours of Nintendo per day.

Laserz began with two guyz who just wanted to learn how to play their instrumentz and play semi-ok in front of a few people. After going through some band members, experimentation, a 1st album, and a hiatus, Laserz has solidified into a three piece with John Miller on keys, turntables, and vocals, Todd on keys, guitar and vocals, and Mike Frazier as drummer.

What others have said about Laserz:

Austin bizarro lo-fi slacker-synth indie pop. --

Spacey electro punk with buzzing synths and lo-fi atmospherics. -- Kill Red Rocket Records

Noise boys assault. -- The Austin Chronicle, Recommended Laserz' Hole In the Wall show

Posted on 2/16/12