Lena Matiz

Genre: Rock

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Lena Matiz is a multi-talented and versatile musician, singer, songwriter and author. She has released 7 singles with her band The God Fairies and in May 2023 published her first book, a 350-page artistic deep dive entitled Unleash Your Inner Rock Star.

Writing came early to Matiz in the form of poems, stories and novels, stashed throughout her family's home during her childhood. Throughout her youth she often found an escape both in the pages of a good story and by writing tales of her own. And following the path of many artists before her, professionally Lena has spent time as a waitress, bartender, housekeeper, tutor, economist, marketer, adult school manager and various and sundry other positions. But it was writing--both music and in print--that has always brought her back to find her true self.

Lena Matiz
Lena Matiz

Lena Matiz writes music that could be "the love child of Pantera and First Aid Kit put to foster care with Halestorm." Expounding upon her musical inspiration she shares, "My music taste is all over the place. I love Pantera. The raw rage in their music has helped me cope with negative feelings ever since I was a teenager. On the other hand, I love the sweetness and folky vocal harmonies of First Aid Kit which I find soothing as well. I guess, in a weird way, the music I make is somewhere in the middle between the two."

While much of her songwriting comes to life with heavy drums, distorted guitars, gobs of vocal harmonies, all embodying the essence of hard rock, her music has an inherent sensitivity and self-awareness to it, as well. Lena Matiz and the God Fairies bring tons of energy to the stage and keep you on your feet in the spirit of raw, unapologetic, rock. Set that against the backdrop of her written work, which has tended to find inspiration from her passions of minimalism, the environment, wildlife and effective altruism.

This duality of artistic pursuits has united in the form of Unleash Your Inner Rock Star. Through this book she aims to both inspire and inform anyone--regardless of their level of musical training or experience--to pursue that musical dream they've hidden in the back of their mind. "Start to rock now, even if you've never played music before," reads the book's byline.

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star
Unleash Your Inner Rock Star

Matiz's words are a veritable instruction book, a step-by-step manual for starting with your desire to become a rock musician and helping you through each step of seeing it through to reality. She debunks the myths and squelches the fears involved in learning to play an instrument and find your place in the spotlight onstage.

Let Lena Matiz become your friend as you read Unleash Your Inner Rock Star. Once you do, you have someone accompanying you on your new journey. Let Lena become that go-to-person who tells you to stop always apologizing, to let your hair down, and "Go For It!"

Yes, the book will cover the mechanics of learning to play music, write songs, form a band, and get yourself onstage. But beneath, within, and surrounding those physical steps, Lena will help you unleash your inner rebel so that you can start living out your rock 'n' roll dreams.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 4/6/23