M. Crane

Genre: Indie
Hometown: Tucson, AZ

M. CRANE is an alternative indie band from Tucson, AZ. A revolving door of musicians since 2018, M. Crane’s sole constant is singer, songwriter, frontman, Nick Maskill. Their sound is eclectic, and as far as genre, “schizophrenic”, with only the blue voice of Maskill threading the disparate pieces together. It’s honest music that seeks the shortest route to expression; mostly rock-centric, but in their growing catalog, M. Crane has something for everyone. This music is for lovers, thinkers, zealots, seekers. There are riffs, there is poetry, there is pain, there is beauty, there is frenetic joy. M. Crane is a drop of pure sound in the high desert of noise.

Swearing Off Fame is an album made of elven out of the forty-six songs I wrote in the period from January 2020 to December 2022. There isn't a rhyme among the rhymes or a reason to the album; the only thing holding the diverse tracks together is my voice and, curiously, repeated references to the moon. It was a three-year mood I was in, apparently. I suppose we tend to look for patterns where there my be non, but there seems to also be a pretty consistent theme of moving from first love to doomed or unrequited love to the end of love. The stages are jumbled and out of order but I'm relieved that after a cheeky, bad news start like "Taken" the album could find an ending as sincere and romantic as "Beaux Rêves."

The stark truth will kill you. Listen to this instead.

Posted on 3/22/23