Maggie Kim

Genre: Pop, Rock
Hometown: Paris, France

Maggie Kim embodies everything a man wants (and fears) in a woman. She wields her talent, intelligence, confidence and sex like weapons, propelled by a motivation rarely equaled by her peers. But what is most impressive about Ms. Kim is that she manages to capture each of her qualities in her songs. Need proof? Well, it’s impressive enough that her song “White Girl” won grand prize in the 2002 Jane Magazine/Maybelline Readers’ Songwriting Contest. That’s where many artists’ credits would end. But Maggie follows up that achievement by becoming a semifinalist in the Shure Musical Roots Contest, selected from over 1600 entries, this time earning such praise with a different song. “Coo” earned that honor, and there are more stand-out songs where those two came from.

Beyond the songs is the live performance, during which Maggie controls her audience with Madonna’s daring and Gwen Stefani’s swagger. But she takes things a step further than each of her predecessors by backing up her onstage presence with an equally distinct and powerful voice. One reviewer captures that sentiment, one shared by much of the record industry, proclaiming “finally, a female vocalist that doesn't sound like 50 other female vocalists!!”

Maggie completed her 5-song EP, entitled Lesson One, going solo after her stint as bassist for the then-RCA recording artists, Ultra V. The CD, co-produced by Michael Kotch (Eve’s Plum, Vitamin C), grabbed the attention of several prominent names—a phone call from hip-hop artist Q-Tip, a live show attendance by David Geffen and even a hug from Virgin mogul, Sir Richard Branson. At this rate, Maggie could be atop the music world at almost any moment. Music fans may wish to heed the advice of entertainment writer, Scott Kahn, who advises, “Catch Maggie in the NYC clubs now before you have to pay scalpers for the rights to see her up close later.”

"Gimme One"

Posted on 1/11/02