Metro City Riot

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Hollywood, CA

Metro City Riot has been performing under various monikers since 2002 and have traversed the country entertaining audiences from all walks of life—from the club stages of New York City and Miami to the silver screen of erotic filmmaking. Metro City Riot brings to the stage a deep, brash, violent sound that fuses together influences ranging from Motley Crue to Depeche Mode. The band forges a bond between hard rock and introspective New Wave that, along the way, earned them a spot in the CMJ music festival. And from city to city, the group has won a war's worth of Battles of the Band. "The End" from their forthcoming record is as 80s pop as it gets, with its thick synthesizers and Flock-of-Seagull vocal harmonies. But then, before rehashing music of yore, the song brings in a verse more akin to The Clash. While Metro City Riot pays homage to their poppier influences in the studio, their live show takes the band (and their fans) to another level, shifting their music into overdrive.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 6/16/14