Natasha Waterman

Genre: Folk, Soul/R&B
Hometown: Toronto, ON

Long Road is the debut album for Natasha Waterman, and it has definitely been a long road for her. She has found success as a songwriter for several Canadian artists including Canadian Idol Melissa O'Neil and Kalan Porter as well as writing the theme for the Hill Harper film Love, Sex, and Eating the Blues. “The album that went against the grain. It’s got soul, but it’s got an easy rock” Natasha states, who has been singing since she was 11. Natasha Waterman is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. As a triple threat, the singer/songwriter and producer is no stranger to Canada’s R&B scene and has been making her mark for years. Since her debut in Shaun Boothe’s single “One by One,” along with Her latest collaboration with Maestro "Fresh" Wes, "You don't know me". Waterman continues to do what she loves. Best known for her sultry, powerhouse voice and heartfelt lyrics. 

Waterman released the highly anticipated follow-up to her celebrated debut album “Long Road.” released January 14th of this year, titled EVOL. 

In an age of auto-tuned, self-professed singers & swagger coaches, Waterman is comfortable staying true to herself. As beautifully crystallized with “Long Road,” and as edgy and raw as "EVOL". Natasha effortlessly evokes a raw emotion with a bare honesty that nourishes the soul.

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"Intimate and Interactive"

Posted on 4/3/06