Nick Taylor

Genre: Country/Americana
Hometown: Huffman, TX

It stands to reason that a debut album provides a powerful statement of passion and purpose for the artist it represents. After all, there’s something to be said about first impressions, given the fact they seem to linger the longest.

Consequently, singer/songwriter Nick Taylor’s debut album, due for release on June 21 and tellingly-titled Not Alone, offers an exceptional introduction, a rich and riveting set of songs and meaningful melodies that ought to easily assert his standing within the revered realms of today’s Americana environs.

Indeed, for Nick himself, it represents a bold step forward, given the fact that up until now he’s made his mark as a solo performer, armed with only his singularly expressive vocals and an acoustic guitar. “Having the opportunity to work with such great people on this album — the musicians, engineers, producers, and managers — makes me feel like the songs are finally becoming all they can be,” he says. “It’s been an amazing experience to work with such skilled and talented professionals and I can’t wait to see where this album leads me. Debut albums are a milestone for any artist, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to share one myself.”

The result is a stunning combination of sounds that veer from the gentle reflection of “Futures Past,” the evocative tones of “3AM On The Interstate” the easy embrace of “Carry You Home,” and the heartbreak and happenstance of “Broken Souls,” through to the sashay and serenade of “Getting Along,” the heartfelt homage to a special “Kentucky Girl,” and forward through the driving and determined “Heart on the Run.”

Nick has made honesty and integrity an integral part of his efforts from the very beginning. Born and raised in the rural realms of Southeast Texas, his songwriting bears the truth of his heart and home. After years of playing music, he began writing his own material after making his move to Austin. Fueled by a desire to find new stories with familiar themes, he captures the overlooked details of romanticized life, while reveling in the deeper recesses of relationships.

Currently based in Austin, Texas, his first attempt at writing songs began at the age of 18, but he says it wasn’t until he turned 25 that he actually completed his first one. “It took a while, but it did give me plenty of time to find my voice, discover different styles of music, and reconnect with the country music I grew up on.” After playing open mics in Austin, he met some fellow musicians, began playing regular gigs, and, to his delight, found clubs that would pay to have him play. These days, he performs throughout the country both solo and with his band. Eventually, he got the break he hoped for when he was contacted by producers in Nashville who offered him an opportunity to record and take the next big step in his burgeoning musical career.

True to its title, Not Alone is a meaningful statement, an incisive offering that creates every indication that an exceptional new artist has indeed arrived. An effusive expression of honest emotion and heartfelt intent, it’s a powerful and persuasive introduction to an artist with a formidable future ahead of him.

- Lee Zimmerman

Posted on 7/3/24