Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Hometown: New Orleans, LA

There was a time when I could better describe what oculo is. Originally it was an explorative music project that started in Indianapolis, which relocated to New Orleans in search of magic. As the community has grown, so too has the scope of the project, in the form of new voices, fresh perspectives, visual components and performative aspects. Countless nights spent laughing around a campfire, heads tilted to the stars.

At the core is a youngin who just wants to make honest music with his friends. True to life, some studio days are fun and silly, some are more focused, occasionally they can be just plain sad. But that’s the beauty of living. We seek the intense passion and depth of life without getting too attached or taking it seriously.

In 2020 on Gravity Check we sought the answers outside of ourselves, through the sky, deep in outer space among the stars. On April 4th 2023, we turn inward. We dig into the source code within ourselves and debug the software that’s creating and experiencing all of this in the first place. Get ready for Input OS.

Maybe it’s best to let the music speak for itself. What is oculo? Come by the studio some time, let’s find out together.

Posted on 7/5/24