Phil Stoodley

Genre: Folk, Pop
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Phil Stoodley has seen his fair share of traveling; whether from stage to stage with a guitar in hand or just jumping borders with a map and a whim, a desire to fill pages with fresh creativity has driven him for the better part of his life.

Phil’s early path as a musician was forged touring across New Zealand both on stage in various bands and off stage working in music production. The early 2000s saw him touring the UK, Europe, the US, and Asia as a session player for one of New Zealand’s best-loved and multi-platinum selling bands The Feelers, which led to a number of successful musical ventures including Phil’s own rock band STOODS and the opening slot for international bands including Velvet Revolver, Simple Minds, and Neil Finn.

Over the years, Phil’s recognition grew with his debut single 'Waiting For Thursday', a self-produced album 'No Surprise' and his work as co-writer and producer for Hanna Grace's debut album ‘Concrete & Roses’ and single ‘In The Rain, along with compositions for TV, film, and commercials. 2012 saw the EP release of the electronic project ‘Shaker Zulu - Funking Bell’, a collaboration project with New Zealand's piano/ keys extraordinaire Andy Keys.

In mid 2012 Phil traveled extensively around Southeast Asia, India and Australia, performing, writing, and adding weight to his already heavy pack of experience, using his time in these exotic locations
to film music videos.

With a passion for travel, cultural diversity and anything creative, Phil moved to Bali in 2015 where he quickly established his position as one of the top entertainers on the island, performing at top venues and collaborating with some of Bali’s most respected musicians.

Phil has since been busy with Indonesia based music projects, releasing singles and videos and forming a fresh line up for electronic project ‘Shaker Zulu.’ He also co-founded ‘The Bali Rooftop’, a start-up project that promotes Indonesian artists and touring artists performing in Bali. It is a non-profit collaborative effort with a simple aim to give all musicians an equal platform to promote their music against an incredible Bali backdrop. This project is literally filmed and recorded on Phil’s Bali rooftop.

Phil currently performs in Japan, Singapore, Melbourne and his homeland New Zealand for numerous events and festivals and continues to solidify his stamp on the music scene internationally.

As fate had it, this musician was given his first guitar at age fifteen after his dad ‘got lucky’ at the horses. By seventeen he was bashing out tunes in a heavy metal rock band and making a name for himself at pubs and festivals throughout the lower North Island of New Zealand. Over the years he developed a warmer, more laid back sound that eventually evolved into his newest direction, that could be described as Acoustica meets Electronica meets Pop.

Posted on 4/8/13