Redouane Aouameur

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Algiers, Algeria

Formidable. Dominating. The best of the best.

All of these capture the force that is metal vocalist Redouane Aouameur. From his homeland of Algiers, Redouane established himself uncontested as one of the darkest, strongest, most brutal metal vocalists alive. Coming of age with bands like Carnavage and Litham, he helped develop what is now a world-renowned Algerian metal scene; his ascent to becoming the vocalist for Metal Age Productions artist Lelahell only elevated him to a higher level.

But it is the growth and development of Redouane Aouameur that has made him a worldwide force. From there, his vocal onslaught went global. His screams, growls and rumbles appear on recordings by French metalurgists Death Throne and Aash, based out of Hamburg, Germany, among others. He's also developed a legion of followers (students), around the world. Redouane has taught the technical principles of extreme metal vocals to singers young and old in Switzerland, Greece, the United States, Sweden, and Germany--the countries where brutal vocalization has become the highest of art forms.

As a session vocalist, Aouameur is polyglot--able to sing in any language. He collaborates as a lyricist in English, French and Arabic and receives consistently excellent reviews for his singing, writing and recording production, as well as his efficiency and professionalism. With decades of experience combined with his cutting edge technique and skill, Redouane Aouameur can execute the highest of shrieks alongside soul-shaking guttural growls. His recording projects, now numbering in the hundredsin the last several years alone, speak for themselves. Redouane continues to actively record and perform as a musician and his career as a solo artist. Redouane Aouameur is a vocal force to be reckoned with and brings an intensity to an instrumental track that plunges it well beyond the 7th level of Hell. 

You can find Redouane's vocal samples on the Soundiron software release of Voices Of Rage 2 (released 28th February). The new Redouane Aouameur black metal single "Fury Flight" is set for release in April 2023. Visit for the latest updates.

/ʁɛd.wan awamœʁ/

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 2/23/23