Rival Waves

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Austin, TX

Rival Waves is a rock band from Austin, Texas, creating a propulsive, melodic sonic soundscape fused with a relentlessly disruptive post-punk aesthetic. The band draws its musical influences from the guitar-fueled sounds of classic rock, punk and hardcore, alternative, and the myriad sounds emanating from their hometown. While riffs, hooks, and choruses serve as their musical cornerstones; Rival Waves places an equal emphasis on a staunch DIY ethic, musical experimentalism, and a lyrical commitment to both personal and socio-political topics.

Originally conceived as a concept singer/songwriter Joel De La Garza developed while in graduate school, the idea was to create a musical project that would leverage the evolving digital media landscape and its ongoing disruption of the traditional music industry. The goal behind the idea is to develop a more engaging and immersive experience between the audience and the artist.

In late 2015, De La Garza recruited guitarists Marc Schulz and Erik Salinas, and drummer Frank Ramirez to form the official incarnation of Rival Waves. In their short time together, the band’s intense and passionate live shows have already generated buzz amongst a growing local fan base. They performed two showcases during SXSW 2016 and have continued to build out their live experience at some of the premiere venues in Austin. "Amputee,” the band’s debut single, was released in late September 2016 and has amassed nearly 40,000 streams on Spotify in that short time.

Rival Waves has built upon its musical foundations to develop a style of music that is uniquely personal to them while having the ability to reach critical mass in a meaningful way. As the band continues to gain momentum, Rival Waves looks to find new ways to leverage technology to further disrupt the fragmented musical landscape and create a more relevant and direct relationship with its growing audience.

Photo by Daniel Cavazos Foto

Posted on 2/17/17