Genre: Salsa
Hometown: Monterey, CA

Salsón is a monster (both in size and musical talent) 10-piece band that hails from the San Jose / Monterey region of California, just south of the Bay Area. The group specializes in 1960s and 70s era "New York style Salsa dura," a more rhythmic, percussive variety of Salsa music than the later more 'romantic' shift in the genre. Salsón regularly performs at venues including Club Milano, Cafe Cocomo, Agenda Lounge, and the Yerba Buena Social Club, and appeared at the 2012 San Francisco International Salsa Congress. With instrumentation including congas, timbales, bongos, bass guitar, piano, two trombones, tenor saxophone, and multiple vocalists, Salsón sets an energetic tone from their first downbeat until last call.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 6/2/14