Sam Sliva and the Good

Genre: Country/Americana, Indie
Hometown: Austin, TX

Emerging from the musical Mecca that is Austin, Texas, Sam Sliva and The Good are fast becoming an outfit to be reckoned with. Their sophomore effort …And the People Say finds Sam and the gang striding a new plane of refinement and tightening of their sound. Sliva’s writing is becoming at once more expansive and focused as a vision. Elements ranging from reggae to folk are brought together and funneled through Sliva’s alternative Americana apparatus to produce a range of handsomely crafted songs that stretch boundaries yet sound at home with one another. Apart from the well-executed cover of Ryan Adams’s “Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight”, it has become more difficult to muster a list of artists that this new batch of songs share a kinship with. Already garnering thousands of fans through radio play, live shows, and social media outreach, …And the People Say is sure to expand that fan base and distinguish Sam Sliva & The Good as a unique and promising source of rock from the Lone Star State.

Posted on 7/3/12