Scary Mary

Genre: Punk
Hometown: Austin, TX

Live from Austin, Texas! Scary Mary is your Drunkin Punkin! A honky tonkin', punk'n rock'n throw down that is sure to offer something to all, including the most discriminating musical pallet. We love to play & we love good gear, and it all shows when we come to you and deliver the goods. Like the ice cream man, we Guaranteed to satisfy...even beyond the powers of a three piece chicken dinner and a cold Lone Star! It's all about fun and sizzling hot tunes that salve the soul and split your wig all at once, completely carried with a sweet melody from our own up-front nightingale and legendary Austin songstress Mary Welch.

The stars have aligned and the systems are in check so we can now begin to venture out and do it to your ear hole. With our all-star review now in place the time comes to see you out and about, and share our take on love, life, loneliness and...fucking it up. We wanna git down wif you! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wanna drink more...we have the power! Rowdy crowd color commentary and blow by blow analysis at no extra charge! Even the hounds chime in. Don't worry, we'll do our best to cram the good stuff down everyone's throat when we finish with our studio work...hang in there, you know it only gets better!! If you wanna cry or complain...tell it to our faces! See you at a show!

Posted on 2/21/10