She Craves

Genre: Alternative, Rock
Hometown: Austin, TX

Charged with the spirit of rock and roll, She Craves delivers an undeniably captivating and addictive live show with the music to match. The foursome employs a unique style of up-tempo, driving rhythm as the foundation to their sound. It’s to the point, in your face rock, tangled with the right dose of intimate sincerity. Dig into She Craves to find that their spin on alt-rock is all at once energetic and reflective. Their message is clear: get it out, rock it out, be yourself, and have fun doing it. With 3 years of regional touring under their belt, the band shows no signs of slowing down a continuous touring schedule that takes them through Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma on a year round basis.

Static, the latest CD from She Craves, is an interactive adventure brought to life by a collaboration between She Craves and Austin based design firm Fireside Creative. The disk contains 5 songs that were recorded in Austin, Texas, at Jacketweather Studios with long time collaborator and producer, David Dreesen. She Craves wanted to give their fans more than just the music this time around. They wanted to show behind the scenes and give fans a glimpse into the recording process that was the creation of Static. The idea to make the interactive CD was born and so was the Suitcase Television, the launching pad for the interactive content and the basis for the disk's packaging. By clicking through the graphics, one realizes not only can they find videos, demo songs, pictures of the band, and lyrics, but they will unravel the story of the man who invented the Television Suitcase. It's mysterious and fun and there are many hidden gems to find. With slick, custom packaging as well, even the case itself becomes part of the experience. She Craves aimed to set themselves apart from other bands at their level, create a great rock record, and give their fans something to bite into. They succeed with their 3rd release, Static.

Posted on 12/29/09