Simon O'Connell

Genre: Folk, Pop
Hometown: Birmingham, England

Simon O’Connell hails from Birmingham, England, where his musical influences run very deep. You can hear in his songs a blend of voices, instrumentation, and mood popularized by UK artists we’ve all known and loved.

“I Don’t Like Just Hanging On” channels a darker Robert Smith element with a poppier Duran-like backing vocal melody. “Dreaming” lives in a similar musical realm although even a bit poppier, as if it were a latter track on an early 80’s Haircut 100 release.

But Simon doesn’t live only in the world of new wave. Among his discography are some experimental tracks. In “Cosmic Karma” he steps into the club with a more house-infused dance approach.

Simon performs locally at pubs and festivals, but as musicians worldwide have had to seek protection from the pandemic throughout 2020 and early 2021, he’s taken more to writing, recording and producing his own repertoire. Look for Simon to step back onto the stage as we all emerge from our collective quarantine.

Until we are able to interact in person, you can follow Simon’s music at & socially on Twitter/Instagram at @llennoconomis.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Photo by Ken Harrison Photography

Posted on 1/26/21