Stanford Hazy

Genre: Alternative, Rock
Hometown: Helsinki, Finland

Stanford Hazy is an innovative alternative rock group from Helsinki Finland. The band was born when three of the group’s core members Antti (guitar), Matti (vocals) and J-P (drums) decided to combine their creative forces by channeling it through the ever so popular medium of rock music. Close collaboration with Helsinki based rap artist Joona aka. “Meitsi Uljas” ultimately led him joining the group. A little while ago the band was also introduced by its fifth member when Mari (bass) joined the ride. From the get go the band has based it’s sound on the classic rock trinity of punchy drums, strong riff based electric guitar and catchy chorus driven vocals but still is not afraid to break out from the norm and experiment with exciting and different kind of soundscapes. Stanford Hazy relies first and foremost to creativity and the real joy of performing good sounding music to excited live audiences. Throughout the years Stanford Hazy has found it’s own unique voice and seemingly endless supply of new and fresh musical ideas.

Posted on 5/28/13