The Grannies

Genre: Punk
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

On a hot July night in 1999, five grown men dressed as old ladies crossed 11th St in San Francisco and hit the stage at the Paradise Lounge. 15 years, 8 Jack Endino produced albums, 3 European tours, more than a few beer soaked house dresses, some delighted fans, some not-so delighted soundmen, an 8’ x5’ oil painting by German artist Frank Bauer (that sold in Cologne for $25,000), some good press, some bad press, and these self-acclaimed masters of Quality Edutainment are STILL at it. Still.

Featuring former members of Ain’t (SF), Black Furies (SF), Hollow Heyday (Boston) and Hullabaloo (Boston). Mixing the frantic three chord riff rock of G.B.H. with the in-your-face danger of the Dwarves and the fashion sense of Divine, THE GRANNIES have released all their albums on their own labels, Dead Teenager & Wondertaker. Wildly original and fun as hell.

Posted on 8/17/16