The Malai Llama

Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Rock
Hometown: Rollinsville, CO

The Malai Llama is an artist collective from Rollinsville, Colorado. Formerly known as Bob Molly, the group has grown from a musical quartet and quintet to a burgeoning community that embraces fire dancers and artists of the visual and performance variety. Malai Llama's music blends all you know about electronica with the freeform beauty of traditional jam bands and improvisational jazz groups. Categorization? Definition? Good luck. You'll find Malai Llama somewhere between Karl Denson's Tiny Universe and Jamiroquai. Envision The Grateful Dead with a DJ or Herbie Hancock backed by Phish. You don't so much "attend a Malai Llama show" as you "soak in a Malai Llama experience."

Posted on 4/3/13