The Mezcaltones

Genre: Blues, Country/Americana, Rock
Hometown: Sydney, Australia


Four guys dressed as cowboys and two women dressed like Spanish Mexican that you might find in a Quentin Tarantino movie - two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer a Crazy front man and a beautiful dancer/percussionist. Whilst their original songs have an alt country flavour with rich Cowboy guitar sounds reminiscent of another century the guitar tones also reach into the realms of 60’s surf instrumentals. The Mezcaltones perform a range of songs from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez films as well plus pay homage to some of their favourites such as Waylon Jennins and Los Lobos.

To truly understand “what it is” with The Mezcaltones you have to see a live performance. Just before show time there is an atmosphere… a vibration that runs through the audience… an anticipation of something special to come… and it does. The Mezcaltones mount the stage to the thunderous theme from ‘The Magnificent Seven’ and the show begins. And it is a show… slick, edgy, almost dangerous with a talented and well-rehearsed band guiding you through Mimi and Cols antics. Col comes armed with a bag full of one liners and a voice lined with tequila. And Mimi… Mimi is contagious energy, exotic dance moves and a bag of tricks which include percussion, masks, scarves, belts, ribbons and more.

The Mezcaltones have previously played five Tamworth Country Festivals; Groundwater CMF; Sydney Blues & Roots Festival; Dashville Skyline Festival. They currently have three film clips being played on CMC. Check out their third and latest album ‘Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music’ released on Foghorn Records.

Don Juan – Texan Time Keeper with a Smooth Tequila Feel
Don Too (aka Col Padre) – Raspy Lead Vocals dripping with Desert Soul
El Shango – Lead Guitar possessed with tangy, psychedelic blues, magic finger licks
Lucre – Filthy Lucre
Mimi – Spicy Seductress who shakes it like a Rattle Snake
Neralita – Queen of Southern Rhythm Strummin’

THE MEZCALTONES are inspired by way cool tunes from Tito and Tarantula, Dick Dale, Link Wray, Los Lobos, Santana and other artists from this genre.

Posted on 3/24/23