Mitch Webb and the Swindles

Genre: Country/Americana, Rock
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Mitch Webb and his group The Swindles are familiar names on the local music scene, and denizens of Casbeers, Sam’s Burger Joint, and other music-oriented watering holes are probably aware of some recent accomplishments. Webb and his talented brace of “garage rockers” have released a CD titled Lonely Kind, as well as a CD/DVD called Last Band at Taco Land, a fitting and final tribute to murdered Taco Land owner Ram Ayala. The CD/DVD has Ram admirers buzzing from St. Mary’s Street to all points north, for Webb’s Swindles were, in fact, the last band to play the now-shuttered alternative music skull orchard down by the upper reaches of the San Antonio river (close to the old Pearl Brewery). Webb is a talented singer and songwriter who can fit into categories ranging from Americana to punk-style rock, and many of us know that Swindles guitarist Joe Reyes is a Grammy winner who has played with Lara Y Reyes, Buttercup, and Michael Morales, to name a few. And volumes could be written about the other Swindles who include Dave Wasson on guitar, Paul Ward on drums, and Odie on bass.

Posted on 9/20/12