Thomas Jackson

Genre: Country/Americana, Folk
Hometown: Plantersville, MS

Thomas Jackson hails from the mythic fertile soil of Northeast Mississippi. Raised with the state's rich cultural heritage deep in his DNA and fed a steady diet of comic books, Country music and clamorous British rock, Jackson graduated from high school and headed south to Hattiesburg. While pursuing a degree in Graphic Design at the University of Southern Mississippi, Jackson discovered pre-war blues and set off to play in every bar, coffeehouse or party that would have him. Jackson earned his stripes performing through the Southeast as well as New York City and Berlin. All these years of travel and time writing songs on roadsides have culminated in his first official album. Bridgeburner is not just a collection of songs, it is a book of snapshots of Jackson's life (much like its cover.) What lies before you is the product of these years of experience once scrawled into notebooks and captured on makeshift recordings now brought to life by producer Alan Sanderson and a handful of the best musicians in the Southeast. Recorded at the legendary Studio In The Country in Bogalusa, LA, Bridgeburner introduces you to Jackson and a panoply of short stories from his lifetime. Hopefully when you listen, you too will get to know how the young boy on the cover has grown into the artist he is today.

Photo by Chad Edwards

Posted on 5/2/13