Vinyl Laranja

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Belém, Brazil

Founded in 2004 when boys were still boys and nothing more. Vinyl Laranja changed its styles from pop punk to stoner and from stoner to pop stoner giving what you want but still playing what fulfill their hearts. Now releasing what it is supposed to be their third or fourth album, hard to count due to many internet releases, Rooster Illusion gives you the soft and the heavy side of the band, depending on your mood you're up to listen to side A or B. That being said, here they are, seeking the beyond once again, because one time time they stopped, but then, they got tired and got back on track. Through the rails where Saint George rode to fight the dragon and the dark meadow of which the fate train decide to lead they promise you a lot of sweat, melodies, heavy riffs and sweet and warm hugs by the end.

Posted on 3/14/14