Walter Klang

Genre: Folk, Indie
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Walter Klang is a an obscure musical group with a small and unenthusiastic fanbase that has been writing and recording music since 1991.

In the Fall of 1991 Chad Himmel and Rob Nelson had both written about 20-30 songs apiece. So they decided to go in a recording studio to record some of those songs. Crude Material is what resulted - a collection of 10 acoustic songs featuring Andy ("Man of Science and Adventure") Laska on percussion. They decided to call the band Alter Klang after a Paul Klee painting. And released the songs on cassette.

A year later Rob Nelson moved to Austin and Alter Klang continued. They teamed up with Mr. Powers and Dub Burns and recorded 100s of hours of music and close to 100 songs. This was a prolific time between 1992-1994. Some of this music is stored away on reel-to-reel 8 tracks somewhere. However nothing quite materialized from the all the effort, and much of the music was lost. Somewhere in here the name of the band changed to Walter Klang.

Posted on 11/2/09